Martina Krassnigg, is an Austrian Music Producer and Record Label Manager. Under her alias Miss Electric® she has been active in the underground techno scene since the 90 ́s and started her career back in 2003 as a DJ.  Her tracks are the result of producing a 90’s old-school techno sound employing today's tools and music production techniques. Behind the decks, she crafts soundscapes which transport the dance floor to ethereal and intangible spaces while remaining loyal to the style that identifies her.  Since 2006 she has signed releases to labels like Different Is Different Records, Primate Recordings, Primevil, Driving Forces, Advanced Records, Aesir Records and more. Miss Electric's music productions have been heard on DJ sets by Ben Sims, Stanny Franssen, Robert Armani or Dantiez Saunderson, as few examples.
‘MER’ is her record label, faithful to the old- school sound, it counts with music from legendary producers like Woody McBride, Ade Fenton, Mike Dearborn, Justin Berkovi, Ben Long or Hiroaki Iizuka.

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Miss Electric is the alias of Martina Krassnigg, Austrian born Artist and is one of the female DJ/Producers working on nowaday’s underground techno scene with Releases on Primate Records, Primevil, Different is Different, Complexed Records and Driving Forces Recordings.


Her influences go way back to the early 90s when she began to immerse herself deeply in electronic music,

where she has found a special and unique niche amongst the myriad of electronic sounds discovered under the generalized guise of oldschool-techno.

Miss Electric’s musical journey was kicked into motion in 2003 when she took to the turntables. This quickly led to a string of gigs at venues in Austria and Germany.

Her skills are not limited to the mix decks, as her life-long love and appreciation for music has led her to deeply connect with its language which is also translated in her works as a remixer and a producer.

Later, in 2006, Martina was also turning her hand to music production. She has since released tracks on many respected record labels, including


‘Home Records’ (AT), ‘Dark & Sonorous Records’, Primate Recordings/Primevil Recordings (UK), Back Spin Records, Complexed Records, Driving Forces Recordings, Kaskaderi Records, BLOK , Advanced Records or Different is Different Records.


In 2010 she began a project named "Extraordinary" which explores more experimental techno textures, as well as ambient, dub, chill-out, and break style. "Their main mission is simply to continue the exploration of the various textured offered by these styles and sounds, keeping the strange yet groovy, friendly and mystical vibes, all in the spirit of recreation and fun."


She began studying audio engineering in 2014 to increase and expand upon her focus on sound quality, as well as launched her own label, Miss Electric Recordings (MER). Her new record label will only release top quality, cutting edge techno. Faithful to the old-school sound, the label already features producers like Woody McBride, Ade Fenton, Mike Dearborn or Hiroaki Iizuka. As few examples. 


The general electronic musical styles she excels at are deep and dark techno, underground and oldschool techno, ambient & dub techno. Her obsession for underground techno becomes even more apparent in her DJ sets. An energetic, fun-loving and instinctually intelligent young lady, her growing fan base and ever-expanding knowledge of the world of the electronic music scene will only make her become a more poignant and home-based name as her talents shall indeed make themselves known to the world who is willing to open up their hearts to her passion which she generously shares with us all.


Be sure to look out for Miss Electric’s upcoming gigs and releases by following her social media channels…