Strange, friendly, nice, groovy & mystic sounds are the main concepts of EXTRAORDINARY. Now is a time of recreation which will be dissipated through music into energy by these artists. 

EXTRAORDINARY was a project by Miss Electric and austrian DJ & Composer Chris Ecker, founded in 2010, which explores more experimental techno textures, as well as ambient, dub, chill-out, and break style. The main mission is simply to continue the exploration of the various textured offered by these styles and sounds, keeping the strange yet groovy, friendly and mystical vibes, all in the spirit of recreation and fun. The main Styles arrange from Electronica, Chillout, Ambient, Experimentel to Techno. The project is currently being led by Martina Krassnigg.





Extraordinary - A Moment - Cold Busted - 2010/01/14

Extraordinary - Life EP - DigitalPhunkRecords - 2010/12/15

Extraordinary - Several Times (Single) - DigitalPhunkRecords - 2011/01/29

Extraordinary - Time is a Fake EP - DigitalPhunkRecords - 2011/22/02

Extraordinary - Ever EP - DigitalPhunkRecords - 2011/04/06

Extraordinary - Paradise Lost - DigitalPhunkRecords - 2011/12/07

Extraordinary - Move to the Groove - Abarat Digital -  2015/01/12